Used Road Bikes updated 15 April 2007

The following bicycles are guaranteed and ready to ride unless stated otherwise. Sizes given are measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the top tube. Top tube lengths are measured center to center. Ask for detailed descriptions and photos. Sold bicycles remain posted in the SOLD section as helpful information for people wishing to know values.

Bertin C37 Professional 56cm center to top


53X53 HALLETT touring frameset ca.1980, double butted Vitus, Campagnolo long forkends, metric threading, 120mm spacing, ask for details, $425, View Image

56X56 BERTIN C37 pro View Image ca.1968-1972, full Reynolds 531, Simplex gearboss, Stronglight crank and headset, Normandy Luxe Competition hubs, Mavic sew-up rims. Mechanically very good except the brake lever hoods are oxidzed and are now taped over with black cotton tape. The tires hold air but are bad and are there to protect the rims. The original finish has many touch-up spots, but there are no dents or rust. Frame alignment is perfect. The price is $385, but it can be auctioned.

The following is a list of used and mostly handmade road bikes which were SOLD (NOW GONE) in 2000-2002. This list remains posted as an aid to those who wish to find out what a particular make of bike might be worth. The price includes shipping cost where applicable.

20 inch KLEIN FERVOR mountain bike frame only (no fork), new old stock, sold to a German buyer March 2007. $740 including shipping to a US destination. 47X49 CENTURION, Tange #1 double butted, standover height 71cm, 600mm front wheel, 700mm rear wheel, not handmade but an important size. $235
48x52 TREK, 3 tubes Reynolds 531, Dura Ace crank, new Mavic rims,exc., $265
50x54 MOTOBECANE Gran Touring, 1983, double butted Vitus (Durifort), Normandy, Stronglight, 18 speed Huret Duopar, near new condition. Sold 2003 $380. View Image
47x50 BERTIN (France), Vitus 888, TA crank, Normandy hubs, 12 sp , 24 lbs, $275
50x54 NEW ENGLAND, antique track bike, ca 1900, wood rims, BSA group, rideable condition, $550.
54x54.3 MERCKX MX Leader (53x54.3 c-c the way Merckx measures). This is actually a new 1994 bike in Team Deuche Telekom colors used in a display in my store. 16 speed Dura Ace. The low serial number is #3284. The current replacement cost is about $4000 for a 2004 model. This bicycle was sold in 2004 for $2700. The photo is above.
54x56 PEUGEOT (France) PX-10 professional, Reynolds 531, Rigida narrow 700C,Stronglight 93 crank, Brooks saddle, very good,$425
48x52 BERTIN Pro, Columbus SL, Campag. NR,dented top tube,$350,
50x53 SEROTTA, Tange 2, Shimano 600, 8 speed, very good condition, $250
52x51.5 GUERCIOTTI (Italy) Columbus SLX, Campag. SR, ca. 1984, $795
52x53 MIELE Columbus Cromor, Shimano $105, $185
53-50 SANTANA TANDEM, Arriva, early hand filet brazed,very good, $1065 View Image
53x54 MERCIAN (England) Reynolds 531, Campag. NR,1970's,near new, $885
54x54 BERTIN C-132 day touring, Durifort, $325
54x54 BERTIN (France) C-70, cromo, TA crank, Normandy hubs, 24 lbs, $225
54cm PARIS SPORT TRACK BIKE (1 speed) full 531,Japanese mix, excellent, $511 View Image

55x54.5 COLNAGO SUPER, 1979, Galli group. From Colnago's golden era of workmanship.  Very good, $640 View Image
56x56 COLNAGO Sport Touring with eyes, 1983, Campy Nuovo Record group. Excellent, $715
56X55 PEUGEOT frameset, Super Vitus 980 heat treated,Campy S.R. headset, resprayed with Dupont Imron metalic orange, $215.
56X57 STELLA frameset,Columbus SL, Campy Record headset, bottom bracket, resprayed Dupont Imron metalic green/chrome lugs. $325 View Image
61x58 PEUGEOT PX-10 white, fancy Nervex lugs, Mavic 700x25c, Lyotard #45 pedals, Simplex seatpost,Brooks Pro, original, very good, $495. View Image
55x55 MASI (Italy) Gran Corsa, Campag., Tuffo singletube tires, 21 lbs, $650
55x55.5 FAGGIN (Italy) not yet ready
56x56 CENTURION, Cinelli lugs, Columbus SL, Campag NR, $550
56x56 FREJUS (Italy) Reynolds 531, Campag. NR, 23 lbs, $575
56x58 MONDIA (Swiss) Reynolds 531, Nervex lugs, Campag NR,scratches, $505
56x55 RALIEGH (England) 1971 Professional, 2 clincher wheels, 2 sewup wheels, Campag NR, $620, dent in down tube,otherwise very good.
56x56 1968 SCHWINN PARAMOUNT, collector item, full Reynolds 531, Campy, needs refinishing, has wear, mostly original, $550
56x56 TREK (USA) touring, Reynolds 531, Campag. 15 sp NR, Brooks saddle, $695
54x55 MOTOBECANE (France) Grand Record, Reynolds 531, Sugino triple, Campag. NR hubs,$295
57x56 RALEIGH (England) Team, Reynolds 531, Ofmega crank, Normandy hubs, $395
58x56 GUERCIOTTI, 1980’s, View Image, beautiful workmanship, Columbus SL, Campy Triumph 12sp, Mavic Look pedals, good finish, mechanically very good.  $500

58x58 MERCKX (Belgium) Lance Armstrong's 1992 Motorola Team bicycle used in the US, Zurich, and the Olympic Games in Barcelona. View photo above. He won over $1,000,000 with it.   I have documentation. View Image   I also have one of Lance's 1995 Motorola/Caloi/Merckx MX Leader frames with most of the original components. The matching mate to this frame (one serial number different) was recently sold on eBay for $2500 - see the listing and photo below in the "sold" section. These bikes are a permenent part of my collection and are not for sale.

58-54 TANDEM, ANDY GILMORE (Tucson, Az), Reynolds 531, TA triple cranks, Phil hubs 48 spoke,$950
58x57 BIANCHI pro,1984, pantographed Campag. Super Record reduced, $800
59X58 AUSTRO DAIMLER frameset, Reynolds 531db,fork stiffeners, resprayed Dupont Imron, $290, View Image

59x56 LEGNANO (Italy) ca. 1965 professional, Reynolds 531, Dupont Imron repaint, professional steel crank, Campag NR, $550
59X58 PEUGEOT PX-10 blue, 1970’s, Normandy/Mavic700x25C, Excel crank, Brooks large rivets, no pedals, very good, $315

59x58 PEUGEOT (France) PX-10 white, 1970’s, Stronglight 93 crank,DuBois lugs, 27" Super Champion 20mm clinchers, Mavic pedals,dropout reshaped for Cyclone der., 600 sidepulls,6.5cm stem, very good.   $370.

59x58 PUCH (Austria) Reynolds 531, French components, fenders, rack, excellent, $268
View Image, full 531, Sugino Mighty, Mavic 700x25C,14sp, very good, $330
60x58 RON KITCHING (English), 531, Campy NR, clincher wheels plus sewup wheels, Brooks large rivets, resprayed, no decals, very good, the components alone are worth the money. $450

60x58 GITANE (France) Tour de France, 1970’s, full Reynolds 531, mostly Campag. Nuovo Record parts, yellow repaint, no decals, very good, $305.

60x57 A. CAMERA (Italy) amateur racing ca. 1970, Falk tubing, Campag. Valentino, $195
60x58 MERCKX CORSA EXTRA, SLX, Shimano 105, 7 speed, scratches, $400
60x58 PEUGEOT Super Vitus 980 heat treated, lugs, mid-quality French components, 12sp, exc.,$270, frame alone worth the money.
60x59 GITANE (France) Super Corse professional, Reynolds 531, Campag. NR, $695
61x58 Atala, Italy 1969, Campy Nuovo Record group, large flange hubs, sewups, fine condition, finish faded but polished, no rust.--- $625.

61x57 DIAMONT (Belgium) amateur cyclocross, cantilever brakes, mixed components, $225
61cm RALEIGH PROFESSIONAL,1971, as new condition, $805.
62x59 BERTIN (France) C-132 sport-touring, double butted Durifort, TA crank, Normandy hubs/Mavic 700x25C, beige,has scratches $225 (?)
63X58 RITCHEY,TOM, an early collectable frame, filet brazed, built up with 16 speed Shimano 600 STI. $495, View Image

61x58 TREK (USA) Reynolds 531, top rack eyes, Suntour, no decals, exc,$315
62x57 LEGNANO, full Reynolds 531, Campy record hubs, misc. parts, good finish, $315.
62x59 MERCIER (France) Columbus Alle, Sugino Mighty crank, Campag. NT hubs, $245
62x59 BERTIN (France) C-31, double butted Durifort, TA crank, Normandy hubs, blue, $275
62x59 GITANE, Reynolds 531, Stronglight 93 crank, original, very good,$425
62x59 TREK (USA) Reynolds 531, TA triple, Campag. NR hubs, fenders, rack, $400


The following is a sampling as we have many more than are shown here. All are in good mechanical condition and guaranteed. Some may have faded or scratched paint. Let the price be your guide. Bicycles that have all original equipment and finish will command higher prices than those that have replacement parts or have been repainted, everything else being equal.


Used Sport/Transportation Road Bikes SOLD (NOW GONE) in 2000/2001

47x51 Raleigh (England), all steel, special size, 24" wheels, 10 sp, $85
48x54 Trek (USA) 500, cr-mo frame, special size, 700c wheels, $225
50x52 Gitane Gran Sport (France), all steel, Normandy qr hubs, 10 sp, $120
52cm Jeunet (France), alu rims, Normandy qr hubs, hand brazed, $95
52cm Raleigh (England), mixte frame 3 tubes Reynolds 531, Normandy qr hubs, near new, $270
48x48 CENTURION, Tange #1, 24" front wheel, 700C rear wheel, $285
54x58 CENTURION, Champion #2, $225
55x55 Bianchi Campione de Italia (Italy), Dedaccai, lugs, ergo shifters, $795
56cm BIANCHI roadster ca. 1960, Campagnolo 3 sp derailleur, $225, View Image
59x57 Bianchi CDI (Italy), Dedaccai, lugs, ergo shifters, $795
60x58 PEUGEOT, Vitus 980 heat treated, $270
61x59 Bianchi CDI (Italy), Dedaccai, lugs, ergo shifters, $795 Sold-----64cm Peugeot (France) UO-8, all steel, Normandy qr hubs, $110
55x55 Bianchi Trofeo , (Italy) Dedaccai, lugs, down tube shifters, red, $479
55x55 Bianchi Trofeo, (Italy) Dedaccai, ergo shifters, silver, $589
57cm Cazenave (France), all steel, hand brazed, scarce make, hand painted lugs, $149
54x54 Gitane Inter Club (France), 3 tubes Reynolds 531, hand brazed, 24 lbs, $175
60x57 A. Camera (Italy), club racer, Mavic rims, Campagnolo Valentino 10 sp, $195

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