We can make any type of repair from the simplest to the most difficult. Simple repairs consist of things like fixing flat tires ($3 labor) or adjusting gears ($10). Difficult repairs consist of frame alignment, inert gas welding (TIG), machining parts, or repainting ($125). Our prices are very reasonable, and we have a large inventory of spare parts which allows us to complete a repair quickly without having to wait for parts to arrive. Labor prices for some more common repairs are: Tuneup $25, Overhaul $70 -$100, Wheel build $25, Frame alignment $20 - $70. Other repairs are posted, so call for a free estimate.
Wheel repair: Depending on the quality of the wheel hub, many times it is cheaper to buy a new replacement wheel than it is to repair an old wheel. Spokes can be replaced and wheels trued for about $10, but if the rim is damaged, it may be cheaper to buy a new replacement wheel for $20-$40 . There are so many styles of high quality wheels now, 5 - 9 speeds, 32 - 36 spokes, types of rims, etc. that it has become more economical for the shop to build wheels as we need them rather than to try to stock so many kinds. Also, a handbuilt wheel is better than a factory built wheel.
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